Flameshield - LPCB Certification Flameshield Fireduct - leading providers of Flameshield
Non-coated fire-rated ductwork

Flameshield's continued development of Flameshield Series fire-rated ductwork systems for ventilation, kitchen extract, smoke systems and dishwasher extract has resulted in a truly remarkable product:

Non-Coated, 2 Hour Insulation, 4 Hour Stability, 4 Hour Integrity, Fully Tested by BRE, LPCB - Vetted & Approved, BRE Accreditation, Red Book Acceptance, Quality Assurance

Please read on to find out more about Flameshield Ltd and the remarkable Flameshield non-coated fire-rated ductwork.

For all buildings - Industrial, Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Research & Development, Retail, Hotels, Sport & Leisure Call Flameshield Fireduct on 01277 352202

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Flameshield Fireduct are leading providers of FLAMESHIELD non-coated, fire-rated ductwork. - The UK's first non-coated, fire-rated ductwork to achieve LPCB CERTIFICATION.